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Qingdao Haigang Hot Stamping Device Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer that engages in hot stamping equipment production and design as well as in the production of elastic tags. Supported by strong technical background and cutting-edge technology and devices, now our products not only have found a ready sale all over China, but also have been sold to the US, Russia, Korea, Japan, Chile, Vietnam, Egypt, Sri Lanka, India, Australia, Taiwan and other countries and regions. Up to now our products have been won general approval from users both at home and abroad.
Our products extend to cover the WT series gold stamping, indentation, heat transfer equipment, and automation assembly line of the packing industry. 50 to 100 categories of patent for invention and patents will be increased annually. Our products come into various specifications and types, involving manual operation, automation, and semi-automation. Besides, we are capable of developing automatic packing assembly lines as per user requirements, which can be widely used to printing houses, plastic plants, wooden craft factories, colors of metal surface and indentation and gold stamping of leather products. Paper products: handbag, antithetical couplet, desk calendar, wall calendary, hardcover, etc. Woodware: strip of cloth: wooden packing box; Metal products: pothook, iron fishing bait, lead fishing bait and other metal products, wooden baking paste and gold stamping, etc. Cloth products: strip of cloth, cloth bronzing and indentation; PVC products: PVC decorative earring card, elastic rope jewelry tag, PVC circular tube machine, PVC pinch plate heat transfer, bankbook magnetic stripe gilding press, etc. All these products can be provided exactly to customers’ wish.
Up to the present, our devices have obtained more than 20 patents for invention and over 50 patents for utility models, and thus we were rated as a star patent enterprise of Shandong. By putting these patents into reasonable and effective production of device, we have promoted product innovation and improved the technical content and quality of our products. Moreover, our company has obtained the ISO 9001 international quality management system certification.
We also lay more stress on new product development and improvement of previous products. For example, our elastic string garment labels, elastic jewelry tags and special heating series of refrigerator decorative strip are comparable to the world’s state-of-the-art devices and have won the trust of transnational groups, Qingdao Haier Group and Meiling Group and the general approval and praise of overseas users.
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